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Web Site & Streaming Revenue Ideas

Audio Streaming local sporting events is not only a great service to your community but it also adds value to your web site, in turn making it more valuable to your local advertiser.  Here are a few other idea's and ways that you can draw more revenue from a professional web site and audio streaming:

  • Banks or a local Financial Advisor can sponsor a stock ticker
    on your web site.
  • A local Financial Advisor can audio stream a 30 minute show
    on financial products or different investment strategies.
  • A county extension agent or local garden center can audio
    stream a local gardening show.
  • Have an antique show sponsored by a local Antique dealer.
  • Have a home improvement show sponsored by a local home improvement store, hardware store or home construction/remodeling company.
  • Broker time to local churches to stream Sunday services.
  • Sell a page on your web site to the local car dealer to showcase the weeks "best buys".  Pictures and brief descriptions of the cars can be easily uploaded with our web site CPS.
  • Have a birthdays and anniversary page sponsored by the local florist or bakery.
  • Have a coupon page that your web site visitors can go to to download coupons from local merchants.
  • Have an obituary page sponsored by a local funeral home.  Audio streaming funerals for funeral homes is also another way to generate revenue.

Many other activates can be added to this list.  We're here to help you make money.


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